Embracing my Cheerios Ministry!

Yesterday morning as I was checking my email, I noticed a new one from my husband in my inbox (yes, John & I often communicate during the day by email…it’s quick, it’s easy, & uninterrupted!). It was a link to a blog he thought I might find interesting, entitled “Married to Youth Pastor.” Of course, the title immediately caught my attention since I am married to one ūüôā

One of the first posts I read captured my eye right away. The particular post¬†I read focused on¬†women with¬†husbands in youth ministry who aren’t able to be involved (gasp!). ¬†

Now, before you start thinking I’ve lost my mind & for some reason am now anti-youth ministry, read on. One of my biggest challenges since becoming a mother is deciding how much or how little to be involved in youth ministry. Prior to kids, I worked right alongside John leading, teaching, attending events, you name it. Now, adding in a toddler & soon another baby throws a wrench in those plans.

A typical Sunday afternoon for us consists of John working at the church on our 6:12 service, me packing diaper bag, distractions, snacks, & something to contain Faith in for our attempt to make it through the entire service. Then, we load up the car, settle in the back of the worship center, & the effort to distract, occupy, entertain & keep a toddler quiet through an hour-long service begins.

Usually this feat ends up with both Faith & I out in the hall, crawling & chasing until finally we both are exhausted and we head home to start the bedtime routine. Many of my Sunday nights were spent wondering if those efforts are really worth it. I mean, how effective can one be in youth ministry sitting in the back feeding a toddler fruit & Cheerios or in another room trying to keep her quiet but busy?

Needless to say, receiving the link to this blog was fantastic for me! I so appreciate hearing from other moms whose husbands are in ministry. It is tough enough to manage childcare on Sundays at those events, but add to it the guilt of no longer being “effective” in what you love to do is rough. Reading over those blog posts helped me to realize I am just in a different season for the time being. My children are my main ministry priority, & for the moment we are just in a very needy time of life. The day will come when my kids will be older, diapers & puffs will no longer be an everyday staple we can’t leave home without; at some point, our kids will even be participating in our youth ministry!

So for now, I am learning to appreciate smaller aspects of ministry. Hanging out before services to speak with kids, getting to attend¬†Centrifuge in the summer while Faith is at her Nana’s, Facebook connections…maybe I don’t lead a small group or help plan services now, but to everything there is a season.

Mine just happens to be full of wipes & Cheerios for now ūüôā


2 thoughts on “Embracing my Cheerios Ministry!

  1. Hillary-as a mother, our lives revolve around our children. Yes, God is a huge part of my life, my faith, my reason for being, but here on Earth, my children are MY LIFE! Most mothers think the way you do, and unless you are a mother, you wouldn’t understand where ‘we’ come from! My supervisor is not a mother. She does NOT understand when you just can’t leave a sick baby at home-there’s a time when mommy just needs to be there! Yes, I need a job, but my boys come first!

    God understands! Others might not, but I promise there WILL be a day where there will be NO diaper bags, NO snacks and wipes….you will feel helpless, but you will still be a mommy to a beautiful little girl(s)(?)~!!!! The church will still be there and so will other youth that need you!!!!! My boys are 2 and almost 5, and there are times when we can leave now without a diaper bag if we aren’t going to be gone long…..I still feel lost without it on my shoulder!!! It only reminds me that they are growing up ūüė¶ Enjoy every moment in her life, cause those sweet smiles and giggles are moments you will never forget!!!

  2. You are wise beyond your years Hillary. And you are right, you are in this place at this time with God’s blessing. Enjoy each and every moment of each phase….I’m afraid that the little ones grow up and away all too soon! Just ask your mom ūüėČ

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