Life after Kids…Part 4

Lately it seems we’ve moved into a new phase of life here at the Lovells’….the toddler phase.

We all know one thing that comes with having a toddler: repeating the word NO very often.

Here at our house, we are trying to reserve using “NO” to things Faith is doing which could pose safety hazards to her. We try to use other words in place of “NO” for other things we don’t want her to do.

Regardless of the words we use, she is usually unhappy when she realizes she can’t do something she thinks she should be able to do. See the evidence for yourself:

This meltdown came after I told her she could not put my tennis shoes in her mouth. Thankfully, these little meltdowns only last a few moments, until something better comes along to distract her.

Raising a toddler sure is a different world than raising an infant 🙂


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