A Family Celebration

I can’t believe it’s already April! Where has the time gone? In the next couple of weeks, our family will be celebrating this:

I can’t believe my “baby” is turning 1! It’s been such a great year, & now it’s bittersweet to see that it’s come & gone. She has grown so much; actually, we all three have. John & I have made a lot of progress in the beginning roles of parenthood, so much that I no longer think of myself as a “new mom.” We’ve conquered teething, crying, sleepless nights, & diaper blow-outs. Now, it’s on to sippy cups, potty-training, walking, &  soon enough, siblings.

I would say that for us, the celebration of Faith’s first birthday is also a celebration of how far we as a family have made it. We survived the first year. According to the baby books, that’s the toughest. Of course, each age brings with it a new set of challenges. But we’ll celebrate surviving those with future birthdays.

For now, I just have to make it through singing the “Happy Birthday” song without crying 😦


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