My latest hobby…

As the weeks pass, I’m feeling a little better, and more comfortable with my newly-pregnant state. So, remembering all my preparations with Faith & how ultimately, I knew NOTHING once she arrived, I’ve decided to be a little pro-active with baby #2. No longer am I concerned about doing everything perfectly as a mom (like that even exists!), nor am I worried about buying all the best baby gear (hello, consignments, discount sales, & hand-me-downs!). No, this time around, the name of the game is survival mode.

I have decided to invest some of my spare time in some newly-acquired reading material. Before you laugh, just humor me a bit. Yes, I know there are a bazillion parenting books of every sort on the market. I’m not interested in learning “styles” of parenting. Nor am I concerned with what the experts have to say. In my book, the “experts” are the parents who are there themselves-deep in the trenches of parenting children.

My new best friend lately has become my Kindle reader on my iphone. So I’ve decided to invest in downloading some new Kindle books-the ones with practical, useable survival tips. How to get groceries with two kids. How to get two kids to bed at a decent time. How to sneak in opportunities to actually converse with your spouse. How to have dinner in the evening while juggling family needs.

I never did any reading while pregnant with Faith other than books about pregnancy. Those didn’t do me any good in the long run. So this time around, I want to be ready. As ready as I can be anyway. Ready for the chaos, sleep-deprivation, & craziness that is sure to ensue at our home. And for the fun, the laughs, the kisses & hugs, & the joy that comes with growing your family.

That’s what I’m doing lately. Reading. Preparing. Making a strategy.

What are you doing??


One thought on “My latest hobby…

  1. I agree the expert are the parents because i believe that we will experience and learn parenting once we become one. That’s why i never read any parenting books that my relatives and friends gave me.

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