Life after kids…part 3

Before Faith was born, John & I did what we wanted, when we wanted. Very little planning, preparation. We were vacationers, movie-goers, restaurant-lovers, etc. We even pulled our 30-foot travel trailer camper all the way to Daytona for a 2-week stint at the beach-just us & the dog.

Now, post-kids, our life looks sort of like a set of balancing scales. We juggle work schedules, personal time, family time, meals, outings, bags, & a baby. And yes, I’ll admit it: it’s hard sometimes to not miss the ease with which we used to live. But I love our expanding family & the blessings that come with the chaos far outweigh all the work that goes into managing them.

John & I have been discussing our family’s schedule & priorities this week though. We feel like we need to be a little more intentional about the way we do things in order to meet the most important needs of our family. Too often, we leave only the last few minutes of our busy day to actually catch up with each other & really get to talk about what’s going on in our lives.

The time of day we’re all ready to crash for the night.

Between work, church responsiblities, caring for family needs, etc. it’s often hard to set aside meaningful time to spend with the people you love most. They often end up getting the “left-overs” & we don’t feel this is biblical nor conducive to a healthy family. So here’s what I want to know from you family people…

How does your family balance life? How do you set aside meaningful time to spend with the people you love most?


One thought on “Life after kids…part 3

  1. We’ve learned to say no. Well we’re still learning and trying. My new year’s resolution was to come home from school sooner. I still have a long way to go – but you have to make it a priority.

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