Breaking news!

This will be me after late October 2010…



Yes, folks, it’s true. The Lovell family is expanding by one more! John & I have always wanted at least two kids, & we are on our way! We are excited, thrilled, nervous & scared (or at least I am!) all at the same time!  Becoming a parent has been such an awesome journey, & we are excited to add one more to our bunch. We are very grateful that God has chosen to allow us to continue growing our family!

So now I need your ideas. Especially you parents of more than one kid. I have all the gear. We haven’t even stored all the baby stuff in the attic yet. It’s just a short trip upstairs to get it all down. We have a bouncer, bassinet, mobiles, receiving blankets, all the stuff that most parents find a necessity for bringing home a new baby.

I just need the know-how.

I realize the fact that I probably won’t figure out the details now-how to take two kids out in public. How to occupy both kids’ attention at the same time. How to feed one & entertain the other. How to get dinner served. I suppose all that comes eventually maybe after the second one gets here.

Thinking back, I didn’t have a clue how to do any of these things before Faith arrived either. But I figured it out.

Now, John, Faith & I have it down to a science. Most days anyway. 😉

So there’s our news! We are becoming Lovell Party of Four. It is a season of excitement & change for our household. I can’t wait to see how God uses this to mold & change our family even more.

I’d like to hear from you.


What are some of your “words of wisdom” for raising two?


One thought on “Breaking news!

  1. Hillary,
    Congrats girl! You too John! Some words of wisdom…the first one is the hardest. That’s when you have no idea what they want and what to do when it needs to be fixed. Life will be hectic but worth every blessed minute. I can only hope and pray that this pregnancy goes smoothly for you. Make sure you take your prenatal vitamins and your folic acid. With your second child and so on you have a higher chance of birth defects. So take those and just remember that God has given you the greatest blessing in life, so cheerish every moment and live it too the fullest!

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