Life after kids…part 2

This is always our favorite part of the day:


Faith always loves bathtime. So do I. Partially because she’s hilarious in the tub, & it’s fun to watch her play. Partially because it means bedtime is VERY close. And odds are, I’m probably exhausted 🙂

Since she’s been born, I’ve been waiting for the day. For Faith to drop the bomb. In the tub. Last night, it finally happened. We were sitting there playing happily. Faith had her toys, her bubbles, it was perfect. John & I were both hanging out in the bathroom talking about our day while we kept an eye on her. She never made a sound.

I looked in the tub, & there it was. It was not a pretty sight to see. Needless to say, bathtime last night got cut short!

Just be glad I spared you a picture of that! 😉


3 thoughts on “Life after kids…part 2

  1. That is hilarious! Tommy did that to me once. My oldest never did, but he did drop the bomb in his towel just after his bath – so we had bath #2!

  2. When my middle child (Matt) was about 2 – 2 1/2 yrs (big enough to be left alone for a minute while in the tub), I came into the bathroom after running out to the kitchen to find a neat little pile of wet doo-doo on the floor just beside the tub (apparently fished out by you-know-who). Before I could say a word, he looked up at me with his irresistable grin and said “Look Mom, sham-poop!” At that moment a comedian was born.

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