Here’s hoping for a better week!

This picture sums up quite nicely what last week was for me:




Yes, I have spent most of my week (and weekend!) sniffing,coughing, sneezing, gagging, & a little blue in the face. Not fun. I had lots of things that needed done, but felt nowhere near well enough to do them. I barely even remember last week, I was in such a fog.


Thankfully, I have a husband who had sympathy on me (& didn’t want to get sick himself), so he stayed home a few days from the office to let me quarantine myself to the bedroom. Most of my time was spent sleeping. I must say though, while I was away, he did a fabulous job of taking care of Faith, keeping the house running, cooking meals; we even have a new ceiling fan installed in our breakfast room!


As nice as it was to get some extra, much-needed rest, enough is enough. I am tired of being sick, missing time with my family, feeling less-than-productive at work. I’m over it.


Let’s hope this week is better than the last!


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