My Momma Transformation

So, this past week at stuCo, we talked about transformation. Any type of transformation is a process…not something that happens overnight. John summed it up really nicely in his blog last week. In case you’d like a little recap, here it is:

“If there is one thing that can hinder transformation, its pride. If we do not pursue transformation in our own lives, we will never experience it. And we will never pursue transformation until we recognize our need for it. We don’t like to share our weaknesses with anyone. We have learned to hide them away, even from ourselves if we can. But Paul warns us to be honest in our evaluation, according to the faith we’ve been given. We have to evaluate where we are on our journey with honesty, before we can take the next step.”

The whole idea of transformation got me thinking this week. Looking back over this past year, I can see so many ways I have been transformed. Don’t get me wrong-I still need some major work…but again, it is a process. I like to think of the transformation process as being a mom.

When Faith was first born, I didn’t have a clue. I had no idea how to feed her, when she was sleepy, how to get her to sleep, etc. I would cry when she cried because I felt so clueless. I knew already I loved her more than life itself, & my heart hurts sometimes I love her so much. But I needed to learn the basics. The ropes of motherhood. Here’s a pic of me…just hours into my momma journey:


Fast forward eight months, and yes, sometimes I still don’t have a clue. But I gradually figure it out. I can look back & see how much I’ve learned. I feel like a mom. I know what Faith needs (usually!) when she cries. I no longer cry with her because I know how to take care of her. She is growing & thriving. And so am I. Most days I feel confident & competent in being a mom. I look forward to the future & seeing what kind of mom I turn out to be! Here’s one of our more recent pics…looks a lot different than delivery day:

I think it’s the same way with our Christian lives. In the beginning, we are so full with excitement, love, & even fear. We can’t wait to see what God has planned for our lives. But we don’t know yet how to find God’s will, how to share Him with others, or how to grow in our Christian walk. We have to learn the basics.

It’s always easy to look back in our lives & see the transformation that’s happened. What’s difficult is looking ahead, & staying encouraged that it will continue to happen if we pursue it.

Just like my transformation into being a momma, life with Christ & our spiritual growth is a process. And it will happen. We just have to keep at it, even when things get tough. And then one day, we look back & realize we’re different. Changed.

We’ve been transformed.



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