Time to get off the couch…

Ok, so here it is folks. Probably the number one New Year’s Resolution in America. And yes, it is also one of mine (notice the word, one, meaning, I have multiple resolutions!). Weight loss. Exercise. Eating healthy. However you want to phrase it, in 2010, this baby once again tops my resolution list.

Unlike saving $$$, to which I’ve actually been successful so far, I have failed miserably at the eating healthy/weight loss/exercise goal. Let’s just call it a “lifestyle change” for short. Yes, I know I gave birth to Faith almost nine months ago. Thanks to nursing her, I was able to lose the pregnancy pounds without even breaking a sweat. But that won’t last forever. Nor will it tone up my abs unfortunately.

Now, it’s just time to get serious. Or at least get off the couch for a start.

My goal is to be a fit mama, no laughing please! No, I don’t secretly long to be a fitness guru, but I do want to be in shape. Fitting exercise into my day is hard. I blame my lack of time. If I’m honest, it’s more my lack of motivation. But when I think of how I’d like to add another baby Lovell to our family at some point, I reason that I should get moving (literally!) because I would like to be in shape before I get pregnant with #2. Plus, I want to wear my bikini again at the beach this summer!

So…all you fitness/health buffs out there, how do you do it? Count calories? Carbs? Work out?

What do you do (or plan to do) to get in shape for 2010?


3 thoughts on “Time to get off the couch…

  1. I keep an eye on my weight by checking it at least twice a week. If I go up by more than 2 or sometimes 3 pounds, I stick to a 3 meals a day plan. That’s cereal and yoghurt for breakfast, light lunch and dinner with fruit for dessert. No eating between meals (strict).

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