How do YOU save $$$

So, one of my New Years’ resolutions for 2010 was to save money by cooking more meals at home. I spent a day adding up how much money John & I spent on take-out food alone, & I was astounded!  I love to cook, and although I would never claim to be a great one, I do love to try out new recipes for dinner. So I decided to put my love for cooking to some good use.

Since we’ve kicked off 2010, I have kept true to my resolution. Yes, I have cooked dinner. Almost every. single. night. I can already tell a big difference in our bank account as well, and I am loving it!

My newfound way of saving money has motivated me to look for even more ways to cut back on unnecessary expenses, freeing up extra $$$ to save, give, or have fun with. Some of ideas we’re implementing in our household:

  • Using cash only for eating out expenses
  • Using coupons (I know, not a very creative idea, but one I’ve always ignored!)
  • Cutting out unnecessary, expensive purchases
  • Planning ahead (Being the type A personality I am, I love this one. John…not so much!)

What I need now….details & tips on how to make this plan realistic. So, I am curious about YOU & YOUR FAMILY!


What do you do to save $$$ ?


4 thoughts on “How do YOU save $$$

  1. Hi Hillary,
    I clip coupons. I have a photo album (2 slots per page) and lable each spot for each grocery catagory. That way when I am shopping in that area it is easy to see if I have a coupon for something. CVS & Walgreens are great ways to save money. Be warned, if you start smart shopping their loyalty program, you will become addicted. A few sights I recommend:
    The grocery game is a great resource too. You should check them out. You can get a 4 week membership for $1. For one store it is $10 for 2 months so not too bad. If you are interested you can use my email as a referal. I’ve been couponing for almost 2 eyars now. I used to blog about it but stopped. HTH…oh yeah and there are groups on that are great resources too.

  2. I tried the coupon route and found that I could still save more if I bought more store brands or only used coupons on items that are already on sale. I have been happy with almost every store brand item purchased–only a couple of duds. I also signed on for a Kroger Mastercard which has a good points program for gas, cash back, and personalized coupons in the mail. I use this card for everything and get different levels of points but usually earn about $120.00 back in checks and another $ 30.00 in coupons every three months plus 15 cents off per gallon . I’m trying to seque to store brands for more and more products. I haven’t been able to give up brand name pizza sauce or Tide Free HE detergent. I just wait until it is on sale every other month and use a couple coupons to buy several containers at once. It’s the only store card that I have ever had that I am convinced saves more than about 10% in total. I’m still learning.

  3. Wow! These are some GREAT ideas! I have a Kroger card (not sure if it’s the same as the mastercard!) & so last night I researched online and found I could load coupons digitally to my Kroger card instead of clipping & saving. My problem is always forgetting to use them. But I LOVE the idea of keeping them organized in a labeled photo album…very good idea! And I am going to check out some of these sites…I love getting good deals, I just need to get better at using this stuff!

    Amy-thanks so much…I love your blog too…I follow a lot of the sales info you post but I didn’t realize you had something about coupon organization…will definitely check that out too!

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