WANTED: A Lovell Christmas Tradition!

Every year at Christmas, my mom & I bake, decorate, and of course, EAT gingerbread cookies.  This week we’ve gotten started…as a side note, my hubby was feeling a little competitive, so we each decorated one. Judge for yourself (and visit my facebook page later tonight to find out who made what!):

 Making Gingerbread men with my mom is sort of our little Christmas tradition. As John, Faith & I celebrate our first Christmas as a family of three, I am searching for our own tradition. Be it baking, decorating, movies, shopping, singing (maybe not so much for me!) etc… I am all for it! I LOVE Christmas! I want to create a tradition that my family can always look forward to every time Christmas rolls around!

So, all you other Christmas lovers out there…I need a little help! I’d like to hear borrow your favorite traditions!


So…tell me…what is your favorite Christmas tradition?


2 thoughts on “WANTED: A Lovell Christmas Tradition!

  1. We decorate a gingerbread house, make cinnamon/applesauce Christmas ornaments, and a new one this year… read Luke 2 and let the kids act out the story with the nativity set.

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