A Lesson from the Excess…

So our holiday travels are finally finished! And we are exhausted to say the least! I do admit though, that despite all the chaos and hassle, I have loved every minute of it! My camera was clicking like crazy to capture the memories forever on film! Just take a look at this picture I snapped when we’d just returned home, and daddy was unpacking all of Faith’s toys. Yes, these are just gifts our 7 month old daughter accumulated on the trip:


Looking over this pile of toys, books, & clothes that I now have to find storage for, and realizing it’s not even Christmas yet and Faith still has many more gifts to open, I have two opposing thoughts going through my mind. The first, is that I realize how fortunate our daughter is that she has so many family members who love her, want to spend time with her, and want to shower her with fun gifts she’ll love.

My second thought though, is as a parent, how do you know when enough is enough? How do I keep her from getting spoiled with so many gifts, and instead learn & love the real reason for Christmas? I want Faith to learn it’s better to give than to receive, and I think she’ll learn it from seeing her parents model it firsthand in their own lives. So this Christmas, I am struggling with learning how to be a better giver-of myself, my time, my money, etc. Learning to trust instead of worry. To let go and find freedom in it.

Isn’t it funny that sometimes the lessons God wants to teach us come from the strangest situations? Who would’ve ever thought I’d begin to question my own giving lifestyle just by looking at a giant pile of my daughter’s Christmas gifts?


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