Stepping up to the plate!


Last Sunday was an awesome night.

Well, actually, the entire weekend was pretty fantastic, but this really finished it off. This past Sunday was our first student-led 6:12 service, meaning exactly that: our students planned, orchestrated, organized, implemented (any other big words?) the entire thing. They did great!

I guess technically our leadership students have been doing this all along. Every week, starting an hour or two before the service begins, kids start filing in. They take care of set design, moving chairs, pull out the staging, run the sound booth, etc. What a huge challenge to us as adults?! How many of us make such an effort to get to church early on Sunday mornings to help set up and prepare for our services? Are we just as excited about what God is doing in our our lives?

That night I saw kids speak from their hearts…kids who are trying to figure out a life with a God that forgives, redeems, and restores. I saw students lead and participate in worship, be intentional, come in early and stay late.  I realized, why don’t I have that same attitude, that same excitement for what God is doing? I’m usually focused on whether or not Faith is crying in the nursery, or on my own plans for that day, or just letting myself be distracted or discouraged by life itself.

That particular 6:12 service made me remember a time when I was in high school, and I loved hanging out at church. I wanted to be there for hours. I was willing to serve in any capacity, whether or not I was great at it. I didn’t worry if I got nervous, or had never done it before. My afternoon nap never crossed my mind. I was excited, and I couldn’t wait to show it. I knew God had big plans for my life, and I wanted to dive in headfirst.

So yes, maybe I am an adult stuCo volunteer. But seeing our students step up to the challenge and lead a great service letting themselves be used by a God who also has big plans for their lives is inspiring to me. I want that excitement. That pursuit to know Christ more. The courage to try something new.

So thank you, stuCo leadership, for an awesome 6:12! Can’t wait till next week!


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