Halfway There!

Halfway to Faith’s first birthday!

I can’t believe our sweet baby girl is 6 months old already! Where has the time gone? Parenting is so different than I ever expected; so much more rewarding, more fun, and more difficult than I ever imagined. Posted on my facebook page is a video of Faith just after she was born, with daddy proudly carrying her out. I felt a little sentimental this week, so I opened it and watched. I have to admit, thinking back over those fond memories made my tear up a little. Our baby is growing up and time is going way to fast!

Sunday was a beautiful day outside, so John & I packed up Faith and headed outside with the camera to snap some good pictures while the fall foliage was at its best. They turned out great! It’s amazing looking back at videos like this one and comparing with pictures of her now, to see how far we’ve come. Just to think, in another six months we’ll be celebrating her one year birthday! I know that will definitely be such a bittersweet day for me. And to think, we’ve got so many milestones ahead…walking, talking, school, etc….such an exciting journey and I’m glad I have my husband alongside me for the road ahead!

Here she is at six months…check out those chubby cheeks!




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