A Change of Heart

Normally, I  love hate Halloween. Something about the changing of seasons-summer turns to fall, the air turns cooler, Walmart stocks their aisles with candy, and our house gets toilet-papered (thanks guys-you know who you are!), brings back memories. Sometimes I wish I could skip this month.

Many of you may not know, but on Halloween morning nine years ago I lost my dad to a heart attack. I was eighteen. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to face in my life so far. Ever since, I can’t help but remember that day as this time of year rolls around.

As I child, I loved Halloween. I was so excited to pick out the best costume ever. I loved glitter, face paint, wigs, and of course, the candy. It was a holiday we always spent as a family trick-or-treating, then giving out candy at our own house. My dad, always the goof-ball, would invent crazy costumes and dress up with us. He would even hide in bushes to make scary noises as kids came up to the door. Crazy, I know. But we loved it and will always remember those times.

Well, this year is different. I have my own child. And it is her first Halloween. I guess you could say I’ve had a change of heart about this holiday. Yes, I remember the significance of it and how it changed my family forever. But it is a fresh slate for Faith. I want her to have fun, enjoy her candy, and make lots of memories with us as a family too.

We’ve been trying on costumes because I want her to have the best one too! I think she’s pretty pumped about it! I know I am…I mean, how you could resist such a cute baby?



4 thoughts on “A Change of Heart

  1. Hillary, I remember, too. Pat and I decorated the church with pumpkins, leaves, and fall stuff in the windows. From the time your dad became a Christian, he wanted to get the pumpkins. He brought big, beautiful specimens and had that big grin when he brought them to church. He was a unique, wonderful person who will alway be remembered. He would be so proud of you and want you to remember the fun and make happy memories like you are going to make for his grandchild.

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s a wonderful blessing that you have the opportunity to create new memories with your lo and also celebrate the memories you have with your father. ❤

  3. Nancy-thank you for sharing your sweet memories! I do love to hear others’ stories of him and all the things he’s done. His life certainly was changed after he came to know Christ. I do hate that Faith will never know him here; she’s definitely missing out!

    Jenny-thanks for your condolences…yes, having Faith around definitely makes it easier and I do love that we will get to make new memories with her! Hope you enjoy the holidays with your little one!

  4. Hill, I will never forget that day. Your Dad was a wonderful person. When I had to come and get you and tell you he’d gone home to the Lord, it broke my heart. I know he’ looking down, if God allows that, and sees the wonderful woman you have become.

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